Multilevel Marketing and Direct Marketing Organization Merchant Account Payment Processing Services

We offer payment processing and secure gateway services to all types of MLM and DMO merchants’  that sell products or services employing the  MLM and multi-tier marketing strategy.  Our payment solutions can be designed based upon your sales organizations’s particular needs.

Choosing the right Payment Processor to set up your Merchant Account

The most important decision you will make when choosing the right payment processor for your business is to pick the one that understands your business type.  This can offer many challenges and mistakes can be made by inexperienced Merchant Service Providers or agents and as a result that can cause your cash flow to be interrupted. Without steady and dependable payment processing solutions your sales force can not be compensated.  We understand the issues and challenges that the MLM Industry faces in todays marketplace, and are here to offer specialized advice and guidance to our Merchant Clients, in order to keep them up and running smoothly. This is accomplished by developing a payment processing solution suited to your business needs that is properly structured and set up correctly from the very start.

 Payment Processing Solutions

  • Credit Card / Debit Card Merchant Accounts
  • ACH Check Services
  • Check21 Clearing
  • E check – Electronic Checks
  • Paper Draft Services | Replacement Checks
  • Recurring Billing | Repeat Billing | Auto ship Payments
  • Secure Payment Gateway with Advanced Fraud Scrubbing
  • Hosted Payment Pages
  • API Gateway Integration
  • API Shopping Cart Solutions
  • MOTO – Mail Order / Telephone Order Merchant Account
  • Membership Payment Processing
  • Remote Terminal Card Swipe – Gateway


 ** To inquire about applying for a Merchant  Account, please fill out the Contact Request Form or call 1-800-974-1557 to speak to a  Qualified Merchant Services Consultant today **